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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Eastern Europe (Miscellaneous)

This list includes stamp-issuing entities of Eastern Europe which have too few listings to justify individual pages of their own.

Central Lithuania
1920 Surcharge
Scott No: 13-22 Quantity: Ea. 10,468 or < 283
Counterfeits exist

Eastern Silesia

1920 Overprint
Scott No: 31-32 Quantity: 5,000
Counterfeits exist


1920 Overprint
Scott No: 1-17 Quantity: 17,000
Fake overprints exist

1920 Surcharge
Scott No: 18-29 Quantity: 31,950

1920 Surcharge
Scott No: 30-33 Quantity: 22,155

1920 Surcharge
Scott No: 39-42 Quantity: 54,000

1923 Surcharge
Scott No: 97-99 Quantity: 80,000

1921 Overprint
Scott No: C1-7 Quantity: 23,000

1922 3m on 60c Overprint
Scott No: C18 Quantity: 7,500

Memel-Lithuanian Occupation

1923 Kaunas Printing
Scott No: N1-6 Quantity: 98,300

1923 Surcharge

Scott No: N12-17 Quantity: 100,000

1923 Surcharge
Scott No: N44-50 Quantity: 100,000

1923 Surcharge
Scott No: N51-59 Quantity: 100,000

1923 Surcharge
Scott No: N60-69 Quantity: 7,000

1923 Surcharge
Scott No: N70-82 Quantity: 70,000

1923 Surcharge
Scott No: N87-90 Quantity: 15,000

1923 Surcharge
Scott No: N91-105 Quantity: 28,500

1923 Surcharge
Scott No: N106-114 Quantity: 12,600

1923 Vytis Issue

Scott No: N18-27 Quantity: 67,000

1923 Green Surcharge

Scott No: N28-30 Quantity: 49,000

1923 Green Surcharge
Scott No: N83-86 Quantity: 5,400

1923 Union With Lithuania

Scott No: N31-43 Quantity: 30,000

North Ingermanland
1920 Arms
Scott No: 1-7 Quantity: 2,500

1920 Issue
Scott No: 8-14 Quantity: 44,325

Upper Silesia

1920 Surcharge

1920 50pf on 5m Orange, Type V
Scott No: 13d Quantity: 40,050

1920 "C.I.H.S." Blue Handstamp
Scott No: O31Note Quantity: Scarce to rare
Scott values are for reprints

Upper Silesia- East Upper Silesia

1921 Issue
Scott No: 47Note Quantity: 10,000

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