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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


1862-69 Lion and Arms

1869 17o Gray

Scott No: 15 Quantity: 99,100

1885 Reprints of 1862-69 Lion/Arms Issue

Scott No: 16Note Quantity: 2,000
1877-79 1rd Bister and Blue

Scott No: 37 Quantity: 100,000

1918 80o Black

Scott No: 92 Quantity: 1,000

1920-21 Gustav V- 20o Blue, Wmk. Wavy Lines

Scott No: 144 Quantity: Fewer than 20

1924 Gustav V

Scott No: 197-212 Quantity: 38,000

1924 UPU

Scott No: 213-28 Quantity: 42,000

1916 10c+4.90k on 5k Surcharge

Scott No: B11 Quantity: 24,450

1912 Semi-official Airmail

1912 60o Lilac

Mi. No: I Quantity: 5,192

1920 Surcharge, Wmk. 180

1920 20o on 2o Orange

Scott No: C4 Quantity: 100

1920 50o on 4o Violet
Scott No: C5 Quantity: 500

1929 Military Post

Quantity: 44,000

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