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Thursday, May 5, 2011


1868-69 Arms, Nine Stars
1868-69 Arms, Nine Stars
Scott No: 10-14 Quantity: #14: 2,000 2,000

1868-69 Arms, Eleven Stars

1868-69 500c Black

Scott No: 19 Quantity: Est. fewer than 1,000

1893 Arms
Scott No: 35-39 Quantity: 40,000

1897 Portraits

Scott No: 47-54 Quantity: 10,000
Forgeries of #54 exist

1899-1901 Antonio Jose de Sucre

Scott No: 62-68 Quantity: 100,000

1909 Centenary of Revolution

Scott No: 78-81 Quantity: 12,000

1952 Eduardo Abaroa

Scott No: 365-70/C157-62 Quantity: 50,000

1955 Petroleum Industry

Scott No: 388-92/C182-86 Quantity: 80,000

1961 Prehistoric Art

Scott No: 433-50 Quantity: Key stamp #449: 6,500

1924 Aviation School

Scott No: C1-7 Quantity: 10,000

1925 50c Orange, "CORREO A SUCRE"

Mi. No: 148 Quantity: 400
Fake overprints exist

1925 50c Orange, "CORREO A ORURO"

Mi. No: 149 Quantity: 600

1925 50c Orange, "CORREO A LA PAZ"
Mi. No: 150 Quantity: 1,000

1928 Emblem

Scott No: C8-10 Quantity: 78,596

1930 Zeppelin Overprints

1930 5c on 10c Vermilion on Black

Scott No: C11 Quantity: 8,000

1930 10c Vermilion and Black, blue ovpt.
Scott No: C12 Quantity: 8,000

1930 10c Vermilion and Black, brown ovpt.
Scott No: C13 Quantity: 50

1930 15c Carmine and Black
Scott No: C14 Quantity: 10,000

1930 25c Dark Blue and Black
Scott No: C15 Quantity: 8,000

1930 50c Orange and Black, brown ovpt.
Scott No: C16 Quantity: 8,000

1930 50c Orange and Black, red ovpt.
Scott No: C17 Quantity: 50

1930 1b Red Brown and Black, gold ovpt.
Scott No: C18 Quantity: 1,800

1930 Zeppelin Ovpts., Metallic Inks

1930 Zeppelin Ovpts., Metallic Inks

Scott No: C19-23 Quantity: 300

1930 “Z” Overprint

1930 "Z" Overprint

Scott No: C24-26 Quantity: 3,000
Fake overprints exist

1930 Scenes

Scott No: C27-34 Quantity: 5,767

1935 Map

Scott No: C42-51 Quantity: 100,000

1937 Surcharge

Scott No: C52-62 Quantity: 25,000

1941 Planes

Scott No: C82-85 Quantity: 30,000
Counterfeits exist

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