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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


1927 Surcharge
Scott No: C1-5 Quantity: 15,000
Fake surcharges exist
1928-29 Overprint or Surcharge
Scott No: C6-8 Quantity: Key stamp #C6E 1,948

1928-32 Overprint or Surcharge

Scott No: C9-14 Quantity: Key stamp #C12 2,782

1934-39 Planes

Scott No: C30-50 Quantity: 5,000

1942 University

Scott No: C89 Quantity: 20,000

1953 Stamp Centenary s/s

Scott No: C168Note Quantity: 515

1954 Railroad s/s

Scott No: C172Note Quantity: fewer than 2,000

1955-56 Planes

Scott No: C174-80 Quantity: 100,000

1956 University s/s

Scott No: C191Note Quantity: 2,000

1958 Osorno Founding s/s

Scott No: C193Note Quantity: 3,000

1958 Philatelic Exh. s/s

Scott No: C194Note Quantity: fewer than 4,000

1958 Bank s/s

Scott No: C195Note Quantity: fewer than 3,000

1959 Anwandter s/s

Scott No: C213Note Quantity: fewer than 5,000

1960 WRY s/s

Scott No: C218Note Quantity: 3,000

1960 Nat'l Government s/s

Scott No: C220DNote Quantity: fewer than 3,000

1960 Rotary s/s

Scott No: C221Note Quantity: fewer than 5,000

1962 Anti-Malaria Overprint

Scott No: C221 2nd Note Quantity: 2,000

1962 Soccer s/s

Scott No: C247Note Quantity: fewer than 10,000

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