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Thursday, April 28, 2011


1935 Bolivar Monument Overprint

Scott No: 331-38/C35-38 Quantity: 5,000

1935 Columbus

Mi. No: 336-45 Quantity: 25,000
Not recognized by Scott
1936 Quito Philatelic Exhibition
Scott No: 352-57/C43-48 Quantity: 10,000

1942 Portraits

Scott No: 404-05/C97 Quantity: 40,000

1943 Good Will Tour

Scott No: 417-22/C114-18 Quantity: 10,000

1943 Good Will Tour, new colors

Scott No: 423-28/C119-23 Quantity: 20,000

1945 Red Cross

Scott No: 440-43/C131-34 Quantity: 10,000

1945 Overprint

Scott No: 444-46/C139-41 Quantity: 50,000

1945 Gen'l de Sucre

Scott No: 447-51/C142-46 Quantity: 20,000

1946 Pan-Am. Highway

Scott No: 453-57/C147-51 Quantity: 20,000

1946 Anniv. Of Revolution

Scott No: 458-61/C152-55 Quantity: 100,000

1946 Adult Education

Scott No: 465-70/C156-60 Quantity: 10,000

1946 Mariana de Jesus

Scott No: 471-74/C161-64 Quantity: 25,000
1948 National Fair

Scott No: 496/C181 Quantity: 100,000

1948 25th Anniv.-1st Postal Flt. In Ecuador

Scott No: 497-502/C182-87 Quantity: 50,000

1948 Adult Education

Scott No: 503-08/C188-92 Quantity: 30,000

1948 Franklin D. Roosevelt

Scott No: 509-13/C193-97 Quantity: 100,000

1948 Maidonado

Scott No: 514-19/C198-201 Quantity: 100,000
1948 UPU Overprint

Scott No: 529-31/C210-13 Quantity: 100,000

1950 "ALPHABETIZACION" Overprint

Scott No: 536-41/C216-20 Quantity: 30,000

1952 Maria de Jesus

Scott No: 555-57/C227-30 Quantity: 100,000

1952 Pres. Visit to the U.S.

Scott No: 558-59/C231-32 Quantity: 30,000

1955 Castillo

Scott No: 594-95/C282-86 Quantity: 70,000
1956 Bic. Of Printing in Ecuador

Scott No: 605-11/C302-05 Quantity: 100,000

1944 Hospital Surcharge

Scott No: B1-5/CB1-5 Quantity: 2,500

1928-29 Provisional Surcharge

Scott No: C1-6 Quantity: Scarce to very rare

1929 Plane Over River Guayas

Scott No: C8-15 Quantity: 2,000

1930-44 Plane

Scott No: C26-31 Quantity: 15,000

1930 Mendez Overprint

Scott No: C32-34 Quantity: 4,800

1945 "V" Overprint

Scott No: C136-38 Quantity: 50,000

1952 Above, s/s

Scott No: C232a Quantity: 10,000

1954 Calderon

Scott No: C270-71 Quantity: 100,000

1955 E.M.P. Overprint

Scott No: C277-79 Quantity: 100,000

1955 Surcharge

Scott No: C287 Quantity: 100,000

1929 Overprint

Scott No: CO1-8 Quantity: 2,000
Fake overprints exist
1930 Overprint
Scott No: CO9-12 Quantity: 5,000

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