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Monday, April 25, 2011


1924 Statue of Dionisio de Herrera
Scott No: 211-17 Quantity: 50,000

1929 Pres. Colindres & V.P. Chavez

Scott No: 256-57 Quantity: 10,000

1933 Pres. Carlas & V.P. Williams

Scott No: 318-21 Quantity: 30,000

1933 Columbus' Fleet & Flag of the Race

Scott No: 322-27 Quantity: 4,000

1925 “AEREO CORREO” Overprint

1925 5c Light Blue, black overprint

Scott No: C1 Quantity: 500
Fake overprints exist

1925 5c Light Blue, blue overprint

Scott No: C2 Quantity: 200

1925 5c Light Blue, red overprint
Scott No: C3 Quantity: Extremely rare

1925 10c Dark Blue, red overprint
Scott No: C4 Quantity: 500

1925 10c Dark Blue, black overprint
Scott No: C5 Quantity: 24

1925 20c Red Brown, black overprint
Scott No: C6 Quantity: 500

1925 20c Red Brown, blue overprint
Scott No: C7 Quantity: 200

1925 50c Red, black overprint
Scott No: C8 Quantity: 200

1925 1p Yellow Green, black overprint
Scott No: C9 Quantity: 100

1925 “AEREO CORREO 25” Surcharge

1925 25c on 1c Chocolate

Scott No: C10 Quantity: 500
Fake surcharges exist

1925 25c on 5c Light Blue, blue surcharge

Scott No: C11 Quantity: 300

1925 25c on 10c Dark Blue
Scott No: C12 Quantity: Extremely rare

1925 25c on 20c Brown, blue surcharge
Scott No: C13 Quantity: 300

1929 Surcharge

1929 25c on 50c Vermilion

Scott No: C14 Quantity: 5,500

1929 “Servicio Aereo” Surcharge

1929 5c on 20c Yellow Brown, green surch.

Scott No: C15 Quantity: 10,000

1929 10c on 50c Vermilion, black surch.
Scott No: C16 Quantity: 6,500

1929 15c on 1p Emerald, red surch.
Scott No: C17 Quantity: 5,500

1929 5c on 10c Blue, red surch.
Scott No: C18 Quantity: 7,500

1929 20c on 50c Vermilion
Scott No: C19 Quantity: 7,500

1930 “Servicio Aereo” Surcharge

1930 5c on 10c, red surcharge

Scott No: C20 Quantity: 12,000
Fake surcharges exist

1930 5c on 10c, yellow surcharge

Scott No: C21 Quantity: 50

1930 5c on 10c, blue surcharge
Scott No: C22 Quantity: 250

1930 10c on 20c, black surcharge
Scott No: C23 Quantity: 10,000

1930 10c on 20c, violet surcharge
Scott No: C24 Quantity: 50

1930 25c on 50c, black surcharge
Scott No: C25 Quantity: 10,000

1930 5c on 10c Blue
Scott No: C26 Quantity: 25,500

1930 15c on 20c Yellow Brown
Scott No: C27 Quantity: 20,500

1930 20c on 50c Red, surch. reading down
Scott No: C28 Quantity: 15,500

1930 5c on 20c Yellow Brown
Scott No: C32 Quantity: 20,500

1930 5c on 10c, red surcharge
Scott No: C33 Quantity: Very rare

1930 5c on 20c, blue surcharge
Scott No: C34 Quantity: 50

1930 25c on 50c, black surcharge
Scott No: C35 Quantity: 150

1930 20c on 50c Red, dbl. surch., reading up
Scott No: C36 Quantity: 25

1930 Surcharge

1930 10c on 5c on 20c Surcharge

Scott No: C29 Quantity: 20,500

1930 10c on 10c on 20c Surcharge
Scott No: C30 Quantity: 200

1930 50c on 25c on 1p Green
Scott No: C31 Quantity: 10,000

1930 Habilitado Overprint

1930 50c Yellow Green and Blue

Scott No: C37 Quantity: 10,000

1930 20c Dark Blue, red overprint

Scott No: C38 Quantity: 20,500

1930 50c Orange, Green, and Blue, blk. Ovpt.

Scott No: C39 Quantity: 31,300

1930 1p Buff, blue overprint

Scott No: C40 Quantity: 20,500
1930 National Palace

Scott No: C41-45 Quantity: 8,800

1931 "T.S.C. de C" Overprint

Scott No: C51-55 Quantity: 5,900

1931 Overprint

Scott No: C56-63 Quantity: 5,000 - 10,000 of ea. 10,000

1932 Overprint

Scott No: C73-75 Quantity: 20,000

1932 15c on 10c Deep Blue

Scott No: C76a Quantity: 100


Scott No: C77-83 Quantity: 100,000

1937 Founding of Comayagua

Scott No: C85-88 Quantity: 100,000

1939 Scenes

Scott No: C89-98 Quantity: 25,000

1940 Overprint

Scott No: C101-08 Quantity: 5,000
1965 Olympics, red overprint
Scott No: C111-19 Quantity: 8,500

1942 Morazan

Scott No: C120-27 Quantity: 5,500

1943 Issue

Scott No: C128-42 Quantity: 10,000

1945 Surcharge

Scott No: C144-52 Quantity: 20,000

1945 Victory Overprint s/s

Scott No: C153-54 Quantity: 10,500

1946 Franklin D. Roosevelt

Scott No: C155-62 Quantity: 100,000

1947 Ancient Monuments

Scott No: C164-69 Quantity: 15,000

1949 Presidential Succession

Scott No: C170-80 Quantity: 25,000

1951 UPU Overprint

Scott No: C181-86 Quantity: 10,000

1951 UPU Overprint perf. s/s
Scott No: C187 Quantity: 29,700

1951 UPU Overprint imperf. s/s
Scott No: C187a Quantity: 300

1951 Central Bank

Scott No: C188-97 Quantity: 10,000

1952 Isabella I

Scott No: C198-205 Quantity: 5,000

1953 "HABILITADO" Surcharge

Scott No: C209-21 Quantity: 5,000

1953 UN

Scott No: C222-30 Quantity: 10,000

1955 Rotary Overprint

Scott No: C231-40 Quantity: 10,000

1956 ONU Overprint

Scott No: C241-49 Quantity: 10,000

1956 Five Year Plan

Scott No: C250-68 Quantity: 20,000

1958 Inter-Am. Culture Inst.

Scott No: C279-88 Quantity: 28,000

1959 Abraham Lincoln

Scott No: C289-300 Quantity: 14,000

1959 Abraham Lincoln s/s

Scott No: C300a Quantity: 5,000

1964 FAO Overprint

Scott No: C320-24 Quantity: 12,000

1964 John F. Kennedy Overprint s/s

Scott No: C330 Note Quantity: 5,000

1964 Olympics

Scott No: C336-44 Quantity: 20,000

1965 Oswaldo Lopez Overprint

Scott No: C356-64 Quantity: 6,000

1965 Campaign Against Leprosy

Scott No: C365-68 Quantity: 15,000

1965 Father Manuel de Jesus Subirana

Scott No: C369-76 Quantity: 15,000

1965 Father Manuel de Jesus Subirana s/s

Scott No: C376a Quantity: 5,000

1965 Winston Churchill Overprint

Scott No: C377-79 Quantity: 30,000
1966 ONU Overprint

Scott No: C380-86 Quantity: 12,000

1966 Soccer Overprint

Scott No: C404-06 Quantity: 9,000

1967 ONU Overprint

Scott No: C407-13 Quantity: 9,000

1968 Olympics s/s

Scott No: C435Note Quantity: 10,000

1968 ITU

Scott No: C436-42 Quantity: 10,000

1968 ITU s/s

Scott No: C442Note Quantity: 10,000

1969 Robert F. Kennedy Overprint s/s

Scott No: C448Note Quantity: 5,000

1969 Olympic Gold Medal Winner s/s

Scott No: C448Note Quantity: 5,000

1933 Surcharges

Scott No: CO15-25 Quantity: 300

1933 40c on 5c, red surcharge
Scott No: CO20b Quantity: 300

1933 40c on 5c, red surcharge
Scott No: CO27 Quantity: 300

1933 Surcharges
Scott No: CO26-43 Quantity: Rare; fewer than 300

1939 Merchant Flag and Seal

Scott No: CO44-51 Quantity: 20,000

1952 Isabella, red overprint

Scott No: CO52-59 Quantity: 10,000

1953 UN, red overprint

Scott No: CO60-68 Quantity: 10,000

1956 UN, red overprint

Scott No: CO69-87 Quantity: 15,000

1959 Lincoln, red overprint

Scott No: CO98-109 Quantity: 20,000
1929 J.C. de Valle
Scott No: O82-88 Quantity: 100,000

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