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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


1936 Visit of French Delegation
Scott No: 335-36/C10 Quantity: 50,000

1941 Inter-Am. Carib. Conf.
Scott No: 338-39/C12-13 Quantity: 50,000

1942 Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Scott No: 340-48/C14-18 Quantity: 40,000

1943 Admiral Killick
Scott No: 349-54/C22-23 Quantity: 15,000

1944-45 Surcharge
Scott No: 355-60/C24 Quantity: 80,000

1946 Col. Francis Capois
Scott No: 370-78/C35-42 Quantity: 50,000

1950 UPU Overprint
Scott No: 385-88/C49-51 Quantity: 20,000

1951 Crops
Scott No: 389-C52-54 Quantity: 20,000

1953 Issue
Scott No: 390-91/C57-60 Quantity: 20,000

1954 Christoph's Citadel
Scott No: 404-05/C81-90 Quantity: 20,000

1955 Haitian Army Anniv.
Scott No: 410-11/C97-98 Quantity: 100,000

1956 Birds/Views
Scott No: 412-13/C99-104 Quantity: 12,000

1957 Zim Waterfall
Scott No: 415/C108-11 Quantity: 12,000

1958 Brussels Exposition
Scott No: 417-20/C113-14 Quantity: 12,500

1958 Pres. Francois Duvalier
Scott No: 428-31/C122-25 Quantity: 3,000

1959 Human Rights Overprint
Scott No: 442-43/C136-38 Quantity: 20,000

1959 Pan-Am. Games
Scott No: 448-50/B10-12/C145-47/CB19-21 Quantity: 10,000

1960 Red Cross Surcharge
Scott No: 456-57/C153-60 Quantity: 17,000

1963 Peaceful Uses of Space
Scott No: 503-04/C206-07 Quantity: 20,000

1964 Mother's Day Overprint
Scott No: 509/C216-18 Quantity: 50,000

1964 Olympics
Scott No: 510-12/C223-26 Quantity: 100,000

1964 Madonna of Haiti
Scott No: 513-16/C227-29 Quantity: 50,000

1965 NY World's Fair
Scott No: 521-23/C233-35 Quantity: 30,000

1939 Pierre de Coubertin
Scott No: B1/CB1-2 Quantity: 6,296

1962 Surcharge
Scott No: B22-24/CB37-41 Quantity: 10,000

1964 Olympics Surcharge
Scott No: B31-34/CB49 Quantity: 25,000

1965 Surcharge
Scott No: B35-37/CB51-54 Quantity: 6,000

1929-30 Plane Over Port-au-Prince
Scott No: C1-4 Quantity: 50,000

1933 Boyd-Lynn Flight Surcharge
Scott No: C4A Quantity: 5,000

1942 Our Lady of Perpetual Help s/s, perf.
Scott No: C19-21 Quantity: 10,000

1942 Our Lady of Perpetual Help s/s, imperf.
Scott No: C21Note Quantity: 2,000

1947-48 Surcharge
Scott No: C43-45 Quantity: 100,000

1958 Pres. Francois Duvalier s/s
Scott No: C125Note Quantity: 3,000

1959 Abraham Lincoln
Scott No: C144a Quantity: 20,000

1960 World Refugee Year s/s
Scott No: C152a Quantity: 10,000

1960 Flowers and Planes
Scott No: C171-76 Quantity: 100,000

1960 Flowers and Planes s/s
Scott No: C176a Quantity: 25,000
1962 WRY s/s
Scott No: C192Note Quantity: 20,000

1962 Overprint
Scott No: C196-99 Quantity: 50,000

1963 Dag Hammarskjold s/s
Scott No: C211a Quantity: 25,000

1964 Red Cross Overprint
Scott No: C219-22/CB50 Quantity: 30,000

1964 Olympics s/s
Scott No: C226a Quantity: 20,000

1949 Sanatorium
Scott No: CB3-8 Quantity: 50,000
1949 Sanatorium s/s
Scott No: CB7a-8a Quantity: 8,000

1961 Boy Scout Surcharge
Scott No: CB32-34 Quantity: 25,000

1961 Boy Scout Surcharge s/s
Scott No: CB34Note Quantity: 2,500
1965 Surcharge
Scott No: CB54Note Quantity: 2,700

1960 "COLIS POSTAUX" Overprint
Scott No: Q1-4/CQ1-2 Quantity: 8,000


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