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Monday, July 18, 2011


1941 Shield Overprint
Scott No: 9-23 Quantity: 75,600
Fake overprints exist
1941 Overprint
Scott No: 26-29 Quantity: 100,000
1994 Street Scene s/s
Scott No: 225 Quantity: 100,000

1995 Town of Split s/s

Scott No: 237 Quantity: 100,000

1941 Overprint
Scott No: B2Note Quantity: 5,000
Fake overprints exist
1942 Aviation Exposition s/s
Scott No: B11-12 Quantity: 35,937

1942 Heroes s/s

Scott No: B18 Quantity: 51,357

1943 National Youth Society s/s

Scott No: B31 Quantity: 70,000

1943 Croatian Legion, imperf. s/s

Scott No: B37 Quantity: 90,000

1944 State Labor Service s/s

Scott No: B69 Quantity: 69,255

1944 Storm Division

Scott No: B73-75 Quantity: 7,500
Counterfeits exist

1944 Storm Division s/s
Scott No: B76 Quantity: 2,500
Counterfeits exist
1945 P.T.T. Employees s/s
Scott No: B81 Quantity: 63,937

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