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Friday, July 22, 2011


1934 National Anthem Centenary s/s
Scott No: 200a-01a Quantity: 9,600
Counterfeits exist
1962 PRAGA 1962 s/s, imperf.
Scott No: 1134a Quantity: 90,300

1919 Overprint

1919 6h Deep Orange

Scott No: B4 Quantity: 250
Fake overprints exist

1919 1k Carmine on yellow, black overprint

Scott No: B17 Quantity: 1,300

1919 2h Carmine
Scott No: B40 Quantity: 75

1919 4h Carmine
Scott No: B41 Quantity: 6,000

1919 6h Carmine
Scott No: B42 Quantity: 18,000

1919 14h Carmine
Scott No: B43 Quantity: 2,100

1919 25h Carmine
Scott No: B44 Quantity: 5,900

1919 30h Carmine
Scott No: B45 Quantity: 450

1919 50h Carmine
Scott No: B46 Quantity: 250

1919 20h Rose Red
Scott No: B50 Quantity: 52,000

1919 25h Rose Red
Scott No: B51 Quantity: 75,000

1919 40h Rose Red
Scott No: B53 Quantity: 52,700

1919 50h Rose Red
Scott No: B54 Quantity: 575

1919 1k Ultramarine
Scott No: B55 Quantity: 25,600

1919 5k Ultramarine
Scott No: B56 Quantity: 11,000

1919 10k Ultramarine
Scott No: B57 Quantity: 780

1919 1h Gray
Scott No: B58 Quantity: 7,000

1919 15h on 2h Violet
Scott No: B59 Quantity: 920

1919 10h on 24h Blue
Scott No: B60 Quantity: 1,250

1919 20h on 54h Orange
Scott No: B62 Quantity: 1,700

1919 1f Slate
Scott No: B64 Quantity: 180

1919 2f Yellow
Scott No: B65 Quantity: 26,000

1919 3f Orange
Scott No: B66 Quantity: 37,000

1919 6f Olive Green
Scott No: B67 Quantity: 30,600

1919 50f Lake on blue
Scott No: B68 Quantity: 71,000

1919 60f Green on salmon
Scott No: B69 Quantity: 4,300

1919 70f Red Brown on green
Scott No: B70 Quantity: 150

1919 10f Rose
Scott No: B71 Quantity: 450

1919 15f Violet
Scott No: B72 Quantity: 950

1919 6f Greenish Blue
Scott No: B76 Quantity: 75,000

1919 10f Rose Red
Scott No: B77 Quantity: 23,000

1919 20f Gray Brown
Scott No: B79 Quantity: 26,000

1919 35f Brown
Scott No: B81 Quantity: 30,500

1919 40f Olive Green
Scott No: B82 Quantity: 53,500

1919 50f Red Violet and Lilac
Scott No: B83 Quantity: 91,500

1919 1k Red Brown and Claret
Scott No: B86 Quantity: 89,500

1919 2k Olive Brown and Bister
Scott No: B87 Quantity: 45,000

1919 3k Dark Violet and Indigo
Scott No: B88 Quantity: 9,200

1919 5k Dark Brown and Light Brown
Scott No: B89 Quantity: 2,600

1919 10k Violet Brown and Violet
Scott No: B90 Quantity: 235

1919 25f Deep Blue
Scott No: B93 Quantity: 85,000

1919 40f Olive Green
Scott No: B94 Quantity: 36,000

1919 50f Lilac
Scott No: B95 Quantity: 9,300

1919 10f Red
Scott No: B96 Quantity: 98,000

1919 20f Dark Brown
Scott No: B97 Quantity: 100

1919 1f Green and Black
Scott No: B104 Quantity: 150

1919 2f Green and Black
Scott No: B105 Quantity: 195

1919 12f Green and Black
Scott No: B106 Quantity: 150

1919 50f Green and Black
Scott No: B107 Quantity: 550

1919 Overprint on Stamps of 1915-18
Scott No: B115-23 Quantity: 900

1925 Olympic Congress Overprint

Scott No: B137-39 Quantity: 50,000

1926 Sokol Issue

Scott No: B140-43 Quantity: 60,000

1921 Special Delivery, white paper

Scott No: E1a-3a Quantity: 12,500

Czechoslovakia-Legion Post

1919-20 Issue, perf. 11 1/2
Scott No: 1a-3a Quantity: 20,790

Czechoslovakia-German Occ.-Sudetenland

1938 Asch Surcharges
Mi. No: 1-5 Quantity: Each 43,200 or fewer 7,850

1938 50h on 25h Dark Blue, thin overprint
Mi. No: 1 II Quantity: 1,269

1938 1.20 on 50h Blue Green, black overprint
Mi. No: 4b Quantity: 100

Czechoslovakia-German Occ.- Bohemia and Moravia

1943 Reinhard Heydrich Deathmask s/s
Scott No: B20Note Quantity: 1,000

Theresienstadt Concentration Camp Local

Mi. No: 1 Quantity: 76,000
Counterfeits exist

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