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Friday, July 29, 2011


1865-74 Arms

1866 37 1/2c Bister
Scott No: 24 Quantity: 24,100

1866 40c Orange Red
Scott No: 25a Quantity: 79,900

1875-79 Issue

1878 30c Dull Rose

Scott No: 37 Quantity: 54,000

1879 1fr on 37 1/2c Bister, w/o surch.
Scott No: 39b Quantity: 2,084

1922 Luxembourg Philatelic Exh.

Scott No: 149-50 Quantity: 60,000

1923 Birth of Princess Elizabeth s/s

Scott No: 151 Quantity: 5,000
Counterfeits exist

1936 Philatelic Congress

Scott No: 200-06 Quantity: 100,000

1939 Grand Duchess Charlotte s/s

Scott No: 217 Quantity: 40,000

1923 Monument

Scott No: B7-10 Quantity: 30,000

1927 G.D. Charlotte and Pr. Felix

Scott No: B20-24 Quantity: 70,000

1929 Child Welfare

Scott No: B35-39 Quantity: 88,189

1930 Child Welfare

Scott No: B40-44 Quantity: 70,907

1931 Child Welfare

Scott No: B45-48 Quantity: 50,024

1932 Child Welfare

Scott No: B50-54 Quantity: 42,430

1933 Count Henry VII

Scott No: B55-59 Quantity: 33,611

1934 John the Blind

Scott No: B60-65 Quantity: 34,669

1935 Intellectuals

Scott No: B65A-65Q Quantity: 9,582

1935 Nat'l Philatelic Exh.

Scott No: B66 Quantity: 54,679

1935 Charles I

Scott No: B67-72 Quantity: 42,430

1936 Wenceslas I

Scott No: B73-78 Quantity: 60,000

1937 Wenceslas II

Scott No: B79-84 Quantity: 81,685

1937 Nat'l Philatelic Exh. s/s

Scott No: B85 Quantity: 70,000

1938 St. Willibrord- 12th Centenary

Scott No: B86-91 Quantity: 54,871

1938 Duke Sigismond

Scott No: B92-97 Quantity: 74,506

1939 Prince Jean

Scott No: B98-103 Quantity: 50,000

1940 Allegory

Scott No: B104 Quantity: 100,000

1952 Postage Stamp Centenary
Scott No: C16-20 Quantity 37,416

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