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Friday, July 22, 2011


1939 Overprint
Scott No: 1-23 Quantity: 17,500
Counterfeit overprints exist
1941 Memorandum of the Slovak Nation
Scott No: 62-64 Quantity: 96,000

1998 Castle s/s

Scott No: 300 Quantity: 90,400

2002 Cardinal Rudnay s/s

Scott No: 407 Quantity: 100,000

2002 Apollo 17 Mission Anniv.

Scott No: 418 Quantity: 100,000

2002 Nitrafila strip w/labels

Scott No: 419 Quantity: 45,000

2004 Olympics bklt.

Scott No: 468 Quantity: 60,000

2007 Dogs s/s

Scott No: 517 Quantity: 60,000

2007 Bratislava Castle s/s

Scott No: 524 Quantity: 60,000

2007 Castles pair

Scott No: 525 Quantity: 100,000

2007 Paintings

Scott No: 530-31 Quantity: 100,000

1939 Newspaper stamps, overprinted

Scott No: P1-9 Quantity: 51,000
Counterfeits exist

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