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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


1900 Surcharge

1900 3d on 10L Yellow on cream

Scott No: 147 Quantity: 12,152

1900 5d on 40L Reddish Violet on blue
Scott No: 148 Quantity: Fewer than 13,230

1900 5d on 40L Reddish Violet on blue
Scott No: 149 Quantity: Fewer than 13,230

1900-01 Surcharge

1900-01 25L on 40L Violet

Scott No: 160 Quantity: 36,000

1900-01 50L on 2d Bister
Scott No: 161 Quantity: 16,500

1940 Greek Youth Organization

Scott No: 427-36/C38-47 Quantity: 8,570

1955 Pythagorean School

Scott No: 582-85 Quantity: 100,000

1933 Graf Zeppelin

Scott No: C5-7 Quantity: 25,000

1933 Issue

Scott No: C8-14 Quantity: 30,000

1933 Plane

Scott No: C16-21 Quantity: 30,974

1941-42 Red Plane Overprint

Scott No: C50-53 Quantity: 99,700

1944 Piraeus Bombing Surcharge

Mi. No: V-XIV Quantity: 97,850

Greece-Occ. Of Samos

1912 Map
Scott No: N73-75 Quantity: 5,850
Counterfeits exist

1912 25L Green (color error)

Scott No: N75a Quantity: 36

1912 Overprint

Scott No: N76-86 Quantity: 23,100

1912 Hermes, without overprint

Scott No: N76a-80a Quantity: 1,000

1912 Hermes, with overprint

Scott No: N81a-85a Quantity: Est. fewer than 1,000

1914 Overprint

Scott No: N92-96 Quantity: 4,000
Counterfeits exist
1915 Overprint
Scott No: N97-103 Quantity: 7,538
Counterfeits exist

1915 1L Gray, black overprint

Scott No: N97a Quantity: 174

1915 5L Blue Green, red overprint
Scott No: N98a Quantity: 250

1915 10L Rose, red overprint
Scott No: N99a Quantity: 200

1915 25L Blue, red overprint
Scott No: N100a Quantity: 200

1915 50L Violet Brown, red overprint
Scott No: N101a Quantity: 250

1915 1d Orange, black overprint
Scott No: N102b Quantity: 100

1915 Cursive Overprint

Scott No: N104-06 Quantity: Ea. 3,758 or fewer 388
Counterfeits exist

Greece-Occ. Of Dedeagatch

1913 Overprint
Scott No: N179-81 Quantity: 1,140

1913 Surcharge

Scott No: N182-87 Quantity: Ea. 2,496 or fewer 322
Fake surcharges exist

Greece-Occ. Of Albania-North Epirus

1941 Overprint
Scott No: N219-28 Quantity: 13,560

1941 Overprint
Scott No: N229-38 Quantity: 13,560

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